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Go Gourmet with These Toppings

Get your tastebuds non-stop popping with the range of gourmet toppings at Bubba’s Pizza one-stop shop! Bubba’s gourmet range of pizzas will have your mouth watering, wide open drooling, and you’ll be sure to adore the gourmet selection – which is best when eaten piping hot from the pizza ovens from Bubba’s pizza!

If chicken is what you’re wishin’ Bubba got your dish with the Chicken Avocado Gourmet, here is what I say, if you like it fiery why not get a Peri Peri Chicken Pizza perfect perfection?

Bubba’s Pizza gourmet options are the business. Bubbas Pizza uses the freshest ingredients because …

Seafood Pizzas to Try this Summer

“Dude, let’s try something new this summer – how bout seafood pizzas?”

“Yeah of course man, you know me, I see food I eat it, especially pizza… That’s why you keep getting angry at me for eating your leftovers”

Regardless of your feelings towards dad jokes, we do know that summer is the ideal time for munching down on seafood pizzas. There is something about summer and seafood that just goes hand in hand – whether it’s a bounty full of prawns at Christmas or heading down to the pier to try your hand at catching some fish yourself.

So, since last time …

Our vegan pizzas compared

If you are a vegan, especially if you are a new vegan it can be hard to find a good vegan pizza. Vegetarians do eat cheese, so it’s easy to find a cheesy pizza with loads of veggies. For a vegan, the hunt to find a true vegan pizza is more challenging.

The first *original pizza* is the Marinara pizza, it came from Naples in Southern Italy, and was made without cheese. Even today in Italy and Southern Europe in general, pizzas made without cheese are common. Everyone often thinks of toppings when they think of a pizza, but it’s the …

Our favourite red meat pizzas

Some people these days aren’t big on beef, mutton, and lamb. But if you happen to be looking for delectable red meat toppings, Bubba Pizza is an excellent place to start. When you want a pizza shop, Warun Ponds and more than twenty other locations are ready and waiting with sumptuous, piping hot pizza platters.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred primary topping, you get to choose what goes with it. We have a selection of six red meat pizzas, so you can have your red meat, however, you like it, on a thin crust or thick. Make your …

Our Favourite Recovery Pizzas

“Dear lord. Forgive me for I have sinned. It’s the Sabbath, and I am super hung. In serious recovery mode here. I need some Nurofen, possibly a Bloody Mary for some hair of the dog action. And I need some serious recovery pizza. Maybe two. Maybe some pasta as well for good measure. Bubba Pizza better be open because I am hanging on by the most minuscule of threads here. If I don’t make it to work on Monday, it’s because I’m dead because the pizza joint wasn’t open. I couldn’t bear to step out into the sunlight to …

Our Favourite Chicken Pizzas

We don’t pick favourites at Bubba Pizza, but there is definitely a special place in our hearts for our chicken pizzas. Chicken is an excellent base for so many flavour combinations and comes with the bonus of adding a punch of protein to your pizza! Pick a pizza with some fruits or veggies, and you basically have a complete healthy meal on a delicious warm doughy crust.

Take our Chicken Avocado Pizza for example — tomato base, roast chicken breast, baby spinach, Spanish onion, sweet pineapple, and cherry tomatoes, all topped with perfectly melted mozzarella and fresh chunks of avocado. The …

Let Bubba cater for your New Year’s Eve party

As we begin to wave goodbye to this year, thoughts of another great New Year party start to form as we look to enter 2018 with a bang.

Planning a party is always a lot of fun especially if you don’t have to worry about deciding on what food to serve. That means all you have to worry about is what theme you’re going to choose, who to invite and where to have your bash. The rest will all be taken care of.

The best part about having Bubba cater for your New Year’s party is the wide range of pizza they …

Our Vegan range

There is certainly no denying that pizzas are one of the best tasting dishes known to man! For a long time though, it seemed that those choosing not to eat animals – and their by-products were unable to enjoy this delicious meal. When we think of pizza we think of a deep-dish crust, loaded with gooey cheese, great sauce, meat or chicken toppings, veggies, ham, pepperoni – the list goes on. When you are a vegan, NONE of this can be eaten.

While there are a lot of people out there who are aware of the advantages of a vegan diet, …

Bubba Pizza – Our Schnitzel Options

Even though we firmly believe that pizza is one of the greatest inventions on earth, there is a very close contender. It comes in the form of a perfectly fried, golden schnitzel. For those unusual days when you feel like something different from a pizza, a schnitzel can offer you a welcome change. You’re basically swapping the pizza dough for a crispy chicken base, which – quite frankly – is a rather brilliant creation.

When it comes to delicious Schnitzel flavours, Bubba Pizza has got you covered. Whether you’re after the humble Plain & Simple Schnitzel served with a fresh lemon …

How about having a pizza party for dad’s birthday this year?

The great thing about pizza is that it really brings a family together. Even the most sullen of teenagers, who definitely wouldn’t leave their rooms if you called out, “Lasagne’s ready!”, will come bounding down the stairs if they hear, “Pizza’s here!”. There’s just something about sitting around the table and eating with your hands that makes it that much cooler than eating with a knife and fork.

So how can you make pizza even more of a better choice for his birthday? Why by having a pizza party. Make it a super occasion by having a party instead of just …