How about having a pizza party for dad’s birthday this year?

The great thing about pizza is that it really brings a family together. Even the most sullen of teenagers, who definitely wouldn’t leave their rooms if you called out, “Lasagne’s ready!”, will come bounding down the stairs if they hear, “Pizza’s here!”. There’s just something about sitting around the table and eating with your hands that makes it that much cooler than eating with a knife and fork.

So how can you make pizza even more of a better choice for his birthday? Why by having a pizza party. Make it a super occasion by having a party instead of just …

Spring occasions that call for pizza!

It’s spring! That means it’s time to start getting out in that sunshine again and enjoying the weather – no matter where you are around the country. And you know what else? It’s time for pizza! There are some pretty important occasions popping up in spring in Australia, occasions when it’s time to get on the blower to your Bubba Pizza in Lilydale, or Melbourne surrounds. What’s on? What calls for pizza? Have you marked these spring dates on your calendar yet?

Fathers Day (3rd September)
Dads around the country will be feeling pretty chuffed on the 3rd of September. …

Some of our favourite summery pizzas!

As summer approaches the smell of sunscreen starts to fill the air. Everyone starts spending more time outside, laying at the beach, relaxing in your own back garden and meeting up with friends and family at your favourite local pizza place.

Since the year 2000, Bubba Pizza has been feeding the hungry one delicious pizza at a time. They only use local sources, thus helping out the community in the process. Since their opening, they have opened franchises all over Australia. Seaford, Pakenham, Warrandyte and Aldgate are just a few places where you …

Why pizza is perfect for your office Christmas party

Ahh – the annual office Christmas party. It’s the perfect combination of celebration, booze and a touch of regret. Whether you love or loathe your office get-togethers, there’s one undeniable fact about Christmas parties: they’re always better with pizza.

When it comes to the office crowd, everyone is different. You’ve got a meat-loving carnivore on the one hand and a health-conscious vegetarian on the other. It’s difficult to cater to all the different tastes at an office party, but it’s not impossible.

Bubba Pizza understands that a Hawaiian pizza is the idea of one person’s heaven and another’s hell; that a spicy …