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Our Vegan range

There is certainly no denying that pizzas are one of the best tasting dishes known to man! For a long time though, it seemed that those choosing not to eat animals – and their by-products were unable to enjoy this delicious meal. When we think of pizza we think of a deep-dish crust, loaded with gooey cheese, great sauce, meat or chicken toppings, veggies, ham, pepperoni – the list goes on. When you are a vegan, NONE of this can be eaten.

While there are a lot of people out there who are aware of the advantages of a vegan diet, they are hesitant to start, mostly because of the very strict dietary restrictions. Vegans can eat a wide and interesting range of foods – from vegetables and salads to cookies and pizza. Yes, that’s right, it is possible for vegans to eat pizza! Did you know you can order vegan pizza from the Bubba Pizza store in Aldgate or Bubba Pizza in Berwick? In fact, great tasting vegan pizzas can be ordered online through all Bubba Pizza stores.

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The Clean Heater has a tomato base topped with vegan cheese, onions, capsicums, spring onion, our signature mushroom mix, garlic and chilli sauce. Vegans can now enjoy that warm melted gooey cheese sensation while eating a pizza topped with a range of vegetables – there is no reason to give up on those foods you love.

If that isn’t enough take a look at the other vegan pizza in our range – the Mushroom Lovers – with a tomato base, same yummy vegan cheese, house mushroom mix, spring onion and garlic. Another alternative free from animal and animal by-products pizza that you can enjoy – all just a mouse click, or phone call away.

Dishes suitable for vegans are entirely made from plant-based ingredients and contain no ingredients from ANY animal. In general, vegans don’t eat any part or by-product of an animal. Apart from this, a vegan diet is still rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. Some people choose a vegan lifestyle for the health benefits, while others prefer not eat animals. Vegans choose not to eat or drink dairy products – milk, cheese, yoghurt, meat, fish, chicken, eggs, oils and fats and of course do not wear any furs or carry or wear any leather products.

It can be difficult adjusting to a vegan diet, but thanks to Bubba Pizza, you can enjoy a hot handmade vegan pizza delivered right to your door. If you have chosen a vegan diet – you don’t have to give up all foods, there are always great alternatives.