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Go Gourmet with These Toppings

Get your tastebuds non-stop popping with the range of gourmet toppings at Bubba’s Pizza one-stop shop! Bubba’s gourmet range of pizzas will have your mouth watering, wide open drooling, and you’ll be sure to adore the gourmet selection – which is best when eaten piping hot from the pizza ovens from Bubba’s pizza!

If chicken is what you’re wishin’ Bubba got your dish with the Chicken Avocado Gourmet, here is what I say, if you like it fiery why not get a Peri Peri Chicken Pizza perfect perfection?

Bubba’s Pizza gourmet options are the business. Bubbas Pizza uses the freshest ingredients because they are fresh like a freshly creative banging beat. All bad musical references aside, the pizza from the gourmet range at Bubba’s Pizza is pizza making at its finest. Each ingredient has been perfectly paired to complement each other, resulting in one of the best pizzas in Melbourne.

Take the Jambalaya for example. A Cajun-inspired masterpiece. A taste of the ol Bayou on a pizza. Loaded with chorizo, marinated tiger prawns, Spanish onion, herbs, and Cajun spice chicken breast, your taste buds will be transported to the Deep South. This is a truly unique take on pizza and something worth exploring.

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Then there’s the Bubba Deluxe, the house special and very well worth a mention, or maybe a headline of its own. The Bubba Deluxe is jam-packed with all the goodies. Prawns, ham, mushrooms, olives and much more. You can tell this pizza is an absolute monster from the moment it touches your taste buds. This modern marvel and Bubba’s speciality will leave you coming back for more.

If meat’s not your main concern, the Super Vege will hook you up with grilled eggplant, olives, and all the good greenery, and will take the challenge against any meat pizza in the game. This baby features fetta and a mouth-watering pesto mayonnaise that will certainly blaze your tastes buds in a good way! Then there’s the Pumpkin Patch. As the name says, the Pumpkin Patch features a pumpkin base and is loaded with feta, cherry tomatoes, cashews, and fetta and will have you and your friends screaming for more and beating down the door of Bubba’s Pizza.

So treat yourself this Friday night with a Pizza from Bubba’s gourmet selection. Actually, why wait until Friday? Pizza is perfect any night of the week, and with Bubba’s extensive range of gourmet goodness, there will be something to cater for the whole gang. Featuring heaps of locations across Melbourne, you can get Pizza in Algate, Boronia, Berwick, and more.

Bubba’s surely got your block poppin with these gourmet options, to feed your friends and family until they drop. Okay… enough with the rap… But seriously, next time you’re in the mood for pizza, jump on our website and have a look at the extensive range of gourmet pizzas at Bubba’s – there’s something to satisfy even the most refined palettes. Or get creative and make your own using the freshest ingredients!