Football Season and Pizza Home Delivery Are a Match Made in Heaven

It’s gearing up towards footy finals time here in Melbourne which can only mean one thing – the city is about to go crazy! Not only are we the only state in Australia which gets a public holiday for the Grand Final parade (thank you, thank you, powers that be!). We are only the only state in which you can ask anyone from your Uber driver through to your local pub’s bartender who their favourite team is and they’ll be able to give you an enthusiastic answer. Did you know that in some other states in Australia they call rugby …

Favourite pizza picks for the meat lover

Everybody loves pizza! From little kids, through to grandparents. It’s a simple meal, which with the right ingredients you can make at home. You can buy fresh or frozen pizzas at the supermarket you simply heat up, or you can order pizza’s online, over the phone, or in pizza restaurants. The other great thing about pizzas is they can be made to order, they can have all the ingredients you love, and none of the ingredients you don’t.

There are popular pizza’s available including – Hawaiian, Chicken and Bacon, supreme, and the ever-popular meat lover’s pizza. You can order Big Bubba …

Indulge your sweet tooth with our special pizza promotion

What’s your pizza style? Do you like to throw it all together with a mix of unexpected toppings? Are you for or against pineapples? Are your taste buds the experimental kind that tries a different flavour every time? Or are you more of a traditionalist that orders the same slices every week? However you enjoy your pizza, Bubba pizza has a surprise for you!

For a limited time only, we’re offering a sweet treat with every order of 2 Large Traditional Pizzas. In case you haven’t browsed our menu, we have 16 traditional flavours to choose from. The selection ranges from …