Our Vegan range

There is certainly no denying that pizzas are one of the best tasting dishes known to man! For a long time though, it seemed that those choosing not to eat animals – and their by-products were unable to enjoy this delicious meal. When we think of pizza we think of a deep-dish crust, loaded with gooey cheese, great sauce, meat or chicken toppings, veggies, ham, pepperoni – the list goes on. When you are a vegan, NONE of this can be eaten.

While there are a lot of people out there who are aware of the advantages of a vegan diet, …

Bubba Pizza – Our Schnitzel Options

Even though we firmly believe that pizza is one of the greatest inventions on earth, there is a very close contender. It comes in the form of a perfectly fried, golden schnitzel. For those unusual days when you feel like something different from a pizza, a schnitzel can offer you a welcome change. You’re basically swapping the pizza dough for a crispy chicken base, which – quite frankly – is a rather brilliant creation.

When it comes to delicious Schnitzel flavours, Bubba Pizza has got you covered. Whether you’re after the humble Plain & Simple Schnitzel served with a fresh lemon …