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How about having a pizza party for dad’s birthday this year?

The great thing about pizza is that it really brings a family together. Even the most sullen of teenagers, who definitely wouldn’t leave their rooms if you called out, “Lasagne’s ready!”, will come bounding down the stairs if they hear, “Pizza’s here!”. There’s just something about sitting around the table and eating with your hands that makes it that much cooler than eating with a knife and fork.

So how can you make pizza even more of a better choice for his birthday? Why by having a pizza party. Make it a super occasion by having a party instead of just a round of pizzas to the door.

Decorate the house or garden with streamers, balloons, and confetti to really make dad’s day more special. If you’d like to make it a surprise, then get someone to take dad out in the morning and spring the surprise party on him in the afternoon. For starters, you can grab some chips and dips, and then make things easy by ordering delivery pizzas to your door. Make sure that you get at least one or two pizzas with dad’s favourite selection on top – he’ll be sure to love some leftovers so two of his faves might be a good move.

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For those wanting an even more festive atmosphere, why not have some other dads and families around – the more, the merrier, after all. Invite friends or family who you think would like to join your pizza party, and make sure that you get all their pizza orders in advance to save time on the big day.

If you don’t have enough room or table settings at home for your pizza party, then why not head outdoors and have a picnic in the park? Did you know that you can still order pizzas to the park if you don’t want the hassle involved in barbequing on the day? Make sure that you bring along enough picnic blankets so that everyone gets a seat.

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