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Seafood Pizzas to Try this Summer

“Dude, let’s try something new this summer – how bout seafood pizzas?”

“Yeah of course man, you know me, I see food I eat it, especially pizza… That’s why you keep getting angry at me for eating your leftovers”

Regardless of your feelings towards dad jokes, we do know that summer is the ideal time for munching down on seafood pizzas. There is something about summer and seafood that just goes hand in hand – whether it’s a bounty full of prawns at Christmas or heading down to the pier to try your hand at catching some fish yourself.

So, since last time we checked, it was still summer, and we have some great seafood sensations on the menu, we thought we’d introduce you to them….

Premium Seafood

Do you want all the seafood? Do you want the whole fisherman’s catch plus his buddy’s too? Then check out our delicious, totally chock full of seafood, Premium Seafood pizza. It’s got your favourites – calamari strips, marinated tiger prawns, and scallops – alongside semi-dried tomatoes, garlic, lemon and herbs. Let the seafood sing to you with this one.

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Garlic Prawn

There’s not anything much more Australian than noshing down on some big, juicy prawns. That’s why they are the star of our Garlic Prawn pizza, the pizza that has prawn fans talking. What toppings does this one boast? Well, apart from your juicy and deliciously marinated tiger prawns, there’s also cherry tomato, feta, roast capsicums, and spring onions for a super fresh delight.


Those tasty Creole flavours that pop straight from the French Quarter of New Orleans make their way onto our Jambalaya pizza. This pizza is a celebration of a marriage of a vast range of flavours. Traditionally a paella dish, we reckon it’s even better in pizza form. In our Jambalaya pizza, you’ll find marinated tiger prawns (for your seafood component there), Cajun spiced chicken, chorizo, Spanish onion, roasted capsicum and chilli sauce.

Bubba Special

We also have a seafood option on our range of traditional pizzas, if you’re penny-pinching at the moment, in the form of the Bubba Special. Our original composition (and work of art, we think) will have you ordering this one again and again. The pizza is topped with marinated tiger prawns, ham, \ salami, mushrooms, Kalamata olives, onion, and garlic. A yummy pizza that won’t break the bank!

Of course, if you want to build your seafood pizza, you can easily do it at Bubba Pizza Seaford (Seaford + other locations!), especially with our secure online ordering system. Add your choice of anchovies, calamari strips, tiger prawns, and scallops to any of our other delicious pizzas, or make your crafty creation from scratch with your favourite ingredients.