Why Wine and Pizza Is A Match Made In Heaven

Romeo and Juliet. Coffee and the newspaper. Wine and pizza.

When we talk about perfect pairs, there’s a lot to love about wine and food. Even if you’re not a regular wine drinker, just a glass with the right meal is simply to die for. They even have five course meals paired with a glass of wine for every course!

So, just what it is about wine and pizza? And when we’re talking wine and pizza, it’s nearly almost red. The reason being is that wines can really contrast well with the flavours of a delicious pizza.

Did you know that there’s even …

Why is Cold Pizza So Good?

In a scientific question for the ages, we were recently posed this curly one – why is cold pizza so good? So we put our boffins to task to see if we could try and come up to this oft posed and super curly question.

1. Why is hot pizza so good?
To truly understand the cold pizza question, we decided that we first needed to check out the flip side of it – what makes hot pizza so good? Well, first of all, you have a delicious dough that has been cooked to perfection. What’s good about this? Hot bread rules …

The Best Pizza Choices If You Are Watching Your Weight

It’s not always easy watching your weight! Your friends take you to the ice cream shop on your lunch break at work, and you’ve got to say no. Your family gets you round for their traditional Sunday dinner of roast, gravy, creamy mash, buttery dinner rolls, and trifle for dessert.

Or it comes the time when you’re sitting around, with either friends or family, and no one can be bothered cooking for dinner, so it’s time to order pizza.

Uh-oh! Alarm bells ring in your head. You love pizza but you know that it’s a fast food – which means that …

Give Yourself a Night Off Over Xmas Break With Some Home Delivery

It’s Christmas time! That means it’s a time for fun and celebrations, a time to get together with family and friends, a time for laughter and a time for love. But that’s all the great parts about it. While you often look fondly upon this time of year, it can be difficult to not think about all the annoying things associated with Christmas time too.

Because with Christmas means a huge amount of organisation to do. If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping by now then you’re probably regretting it deeply. By now, the shopping centres and streets are jam packed …

Why Quality Ingredients are so Important on a Pizza

Pizza has been a favorite dish of the world, not just Australia, for centuries. Our modern day pizza traces its origins back to Naples, Italy in the 18th to early 19th century.

However, before that time, people were topping their flatbread with ingredients like garlic, salt, lard, cheese and basil. So, rather than being “invented” at a specific time, pizza evolved into the delicious meal it is today. I guess you could say other works of art like the Mona Lisa weren’t created in one day either.

Even though a lot goes into making a truly delicious pizza, one thing is for …

Why Every Business Should Support its Local Community

At Bubba Pizza, we have always made it one of our goals to always support our community whenever possible. This business practice is one that we have always believed to be extremely important to, not only our business, but the well being of our community.

We purchase from local suppliers including butcher shops and fruit and vegetable growers, which helps us stay connected to the community and drives our franchises to achieve, making it a very rewarding experience for us. A few examples of our community involvement efforts also include the support of local sporting clubs, charity events and school …