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Our favourite red meat pizzas

Some people these days aren’t big on beef, mutton, and lamb. But if you happen to be looking for delectable red meat toppings, Bubba Pizza is an excellent place to start. When you want a pizza shop, Warun Ponds and more than twenty other locations are ready and waiting with sumptuous, piping hot pizza platters.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred primary topping, you get to choose what goes with it. We have a selection of six red meat pizzas, so you can have your red meat, however, you like it, on a thin crust or thick. Make your selection wisely, or simply have them all! Our traditional pizzas generally come with a standard base of tomato, and our cheese of choice is mozzarella.

Beef Burger Pizza

This pizza offers all the joys of a burger with none of the gluten-filled calories. Of course, this is debatable, because while the bulk of burger calories are in the bread, the cheese and sauces on your pizza can load up. Still, pizza dough is a more complex carb than a bread bun, so there’s that. This pizza has a BBQ base to give it that burger feel. The main topping is beef drizzled with bacon, finished with onion, and coated with aioli sauce. The sauce gives your pizza a rich garlic and olive oil flavour that brings out the kick in your bacon and beef.

Outback Pizza

While walkabouts don’t generally feature pizza, this is the one you’d want to carry. And if your journey to find yourself brings you close enough to one of our stores, we just might be willing to deliver! The Outback pizza is our localised version of Hawaiian pizza. Yes, that means bacon and pineapple, but it also means spiced beef and egg. It’s all held together with the sweet, binding power of BBQ sauce. Not recommended for vegetarians.

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Hot & Spicy Pizza

If you like to keep things red hot, check out this pizza mix. The meat of choice here is spiced beef, with a side of hot salami right on the crust. If these meats don’t give you enough of a kick, you can taunt your tongue further with the generous layer of hot chilli sauce. Of course, we believe in eating your veggies, so the pizza is also ‘garnished’ with onion and capsicum. Both have a slightly sharp tinge that highlights and accentuate the power of chilli.

Meatlovers Pizza

The name says it all. This pizza is packed with the best of pork and beef. Yes, pork is technically white meat, so this is more like a red-and-white pizza. The beef is well spiced, and the salami is hot. The pizza also has bacon, because you can never go wrong with bacon. There’s ham in it too, and you can have BBQ sauce as an optional base.

Gourmet Red Meat Pizza

We have two options in out gourmet selection. The Meat Deluxe is similar to Meatlovers, but in addition to spiced beef, bacon strips, and smoked ham, it also has hot salami and chorizo. Its base is BBQ sauce, and while many of the toppings are the same as Meatlovers, their preparation differs.

Spicy Lamb Pizza

Finally, if you’re more of a lamb fan, try our Spicy Lamb Gourmet Pizza, with lemon and greek yoghurt, embellished with Spanish onions, fetta cheese, baby spinach, and jalapenos.
For the best red meat pizza this side of the Pacific, call your nearest Bubba Pizza store today or make your order online.