Seafood Pizzas to Try this Summer

“Dude, let’s try something new this summer – how bout seafood pizzas?”

“Yeah of course man, you know me, I see food I eat it, especially pizza… That’s why you keep getting angry at me for eating your leftovers”

Regardless of your feelings towards dad jokes, we do know that summer is the ideal time for munching down on seafood pizzas. There is something about summer and seafood that just goes hand in hand – whether it’s a bounty full of prawns at Christmas or heading down to the pier to try your hand at catching some fish yourself.

So, since last time …

Our vegan pizzas compared

If you are a vegan, especially if you are a new vegan it can be hard to find a good vegan pizza. Vegetarians do eat cheese, so it’s easy to find a cheesy pizza with loads of veggies. For a vegan, the hunt to find a true vegan pizza is more challenging.

The first *original pizza* is the Marinara pizza, it came from Naples in Southern Italy, and was made without cheese. Even today in Italy and Southern Europe in general, pizzas made without cheese are common. Everyone often thinks of toppings when they think of a pizza, but it’s the …