Some of our favourite summery pizzas!

As summer approaches the smell of sunscreen starts to fill the air. Everyone starts spending more time outside, laying at the beach, relaxing in your own back garden and meeting up with friends and family at your favourite local pizza place.

Since the year 2000, Bubba Pizza has been feeding the hungry one delicious pizza at a time. They only use local sources, thus helping out the community in the process. Since their opening, they have opened franchises all over Australia. Seaford, Pakenham, Warrandyte and Aldgate are just a few places where you …

Why pizza is perfect for your office Christmas party

Ahh – the annual office Christmas party. It’s the perfect combination of celebration, booze and a touch of regret. Whether you love or loathe your office get-togethers, there’s one undeniable fact about Christmas parties: they’re always better with pizza.

When it comes to the office crowd, everyone is different. You’ve got a meat-loving carnivore on the one hand and a health-conscious vegetarian on the other. It’s difficult to cater to all the different tastes at an office party, but it’s not impossible.

Bubba Pizza understands that a Hawaiian pizza is the idea of one person’s heaven and another’s hell; that a spicy …

Football Season and Pizza Home Delivery Are a Match Made in Heaven

It’s gearing up towards footy finals time here in Melbourne which can only mean one thing – the city is about to go crazy! Not only are we the only state in Australia which gets a public holiday for the Grand Final parade (thank you, thank you, powers that be!). We are only the only state in which you can ask anyone from your Uber driver through to your local pub’s bartender who their favourite team is and they’ll be able to give you an enthusiastic answer. Did you know that in some other states in Australia they call rugby …

Favourite pizza picks for the meat lover

Everybody loves pizza! From little kids, through to grandparents. It’s a simple meal, which with the right ingredients you can make at home. You can buy fresh or frozen pizzas at the supermarket you simply heat up, or you can order pizza’s online, over the phone, or in pizza restaurants. The other great thing about pizzas is they can be made to order, they can have all the ingredients you love, and none of the ingredients you don’t.

There are popular pizza’s available including – Hawaiian, Chicken and Bacon, supreme, and the ever-popular meat lover’s pizza. You can order Big Bubba …

Indulge your sweet tooth with our special pizza promotion

What’s your pizza style? Do you like to throw it all together with a mix of unexpected toppings? Are you for or against pineapples? Are your taste buds the experimental kind that tries a different flavour every time? Or are you more of a traditionalist that orders the same slices every week? However you enjoy your pizza, Bubba pizza has a surprise for you!

For a limited time only, we’re offering a sweet treat with every order of 2 Large Traditional Pizzas. In case you haven’t browsed our menu, we have 16 traditional flavours to choose from. The selection ranges from …

Why you should get to know your local pizza joint

Everybody loves pizza. Well, not everybody, but it’s safe to say anyone that doesn’t like a pizza can’t be trusted. It’s possible that you might have to avoid it for health reasons, but even the strictest diets will allow you a slice or two on cheat day. And while some people have conditions and lifestyles that prevent them from enjoying beef or cheese, Bubba Pizza has options that are friendly to their food requirements.

That’s probably the strongest argument for getting to know the pizza places in your neighbourhood. At Bubba Pizza, we have more than 20 branches, including …

Why We Love Pizza On Monday Nights

While there’s no denying that some delicious Friday night end of the week pizza is a real winner and a great way to kick up your heels, and a Saturday trio is just perfect for getting the party started, you know what else is great? Monday night pizza!

While some people might be thinking, “Oh, Monday, that’s when I try and kick start my diet for the billionth time”, I’m more like, “I need to treat myself for getting through another Monday”!

Being back at work and then working all day until late is no joke! By the time I get home …

Our Fav Vegetarian Pizzas That You Have To Try

Shout out to all the veggos out there! We really admire vegetarians for their commitment to helping do their bit for the planet by not eating meat – we commend you! Lucky for veggos, when it comes to takeaways, you can always rely on being able to decide on pizza for dinner in a group – even if there’s plenty of meat eaters about.

We reckon that vegetarian pizzas can be even more delicious than some of our meat pizzas – you really need to make the ingredients the star of veggie pizzas instead of the overwhelming taste of meat.

Even …

Why Pizza Home Delivery in Winter Is the Ultimate Life Choice

You either love winter or you don’t. There’s some people who simply relish the cold weather, finding it the ultimate indulgence instead of the sweaty betty summer months across Oz. No matter if you love winter or you hate winter though, there’s something truly awesome about curling up on the couch with a big fluffy doona, the heater cranking, maybe your partner, or dog or cat by your side, and a good TV series or book to get into.

Now insert into that scene, on the coffee table in front of you, a pizza box or two filled with delicious, piping …

How To Organise A Successful Pizza Date Night In

There are few things that are more enticing than a cosy night in, eating yummy pizza with good company. The key to success is preparation, good taste and Bubba Pizza. What better way to enjoy your delicious meal for the night then to enjoy a good show with some good company.

Just follow this simple recipe for the perfect pizza date night in and you can’t go wrong.


A quiet rainy Saturday night
2 servings of your favourite pizza. Try one from the Classic range for traditionalists and take your pick from the Gourmet menu for a touch of something special (it is …