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Why Pizza Is the Perfect Food for Any Event

One of the reasons it’s so well-loved is accessibility. You can have pizza delivered to your door in minutes, especially if you opt for a prolific pizzeria like Bubba Pizza. We currently have over 20 branches scattered around Victoria, serving an assortment of traditional and gourmet pizzas. So, if it’s convenience you want, we’re it, and we’re available! Below are just some of the great reasons why Pizza makes the perfect food for your next event.


Apart from speed of delivery, pizza is flexible. You can call and order pizza as a last-minute save when you’ve burned dinner , forgotten to defrost the chicken or had some unexpected guests show up. It makes an ideal accompaniment when you’re watching sports on game night, or a chick-flick on a cosy Sunday afternoon. It can feed your teenager’s friends or your college roommates.

It’s also versatile in terms of tastes and preferences. You can get toppings that are vegan, vegetarian, sea-food based, protein-rich, or extra spicy. And unlike catered food which is more of a fuss, you can literally get every guest their own pizza, one that caters to any food allergies or dietary restrictions they might have. We even serve gluten-free bases if needed.

No clean-up

If you choose to make your own pizza, you’ll get the benefits of flavour and versatility, but you’ll have a lot of dishes to do when you’re done baking and eating. But if you’re ordering in, you won’t have to wash up after, you don’t need plates, and your counter-top won’t be littered with ingredients and sauces. Instead, you can eat straight out of the box and toss it out after.

This makes pizza ideal for family gatherings or late night meetings. After a high-stress board discussion or a heated argument over family and sports, you don’t want to get stuck on dish duty. With pizza, that problem is eliminated. And you can have pizza outdoors too, at a picnic or barbeque.


The food served at events should be fast and pocket-friendly, whether it’s a music festival or a christening. When you’re on a budget, pizza delivers. For a few bucks, you can eat your fill or feed a house-full of guests. And pizza is far more filling than burgers or chicken buckets, especially if you buy mixed flavours. Three to six slices and your guests are golden.

While most of us prefer pizza piping hot, it’s just as edible the morning after. In fact, some people prefer their pizza cold the next day. This isn’t something you can safely do with other foods, which might go bad, as long as you keep it in the fridge. That said, if your pizza has seafood toppings, we don’t advise keeping it overnight.

To order the perfect pizza for any occasion, call your nearest Bubba Pizza branch or order online today!

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