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Pizza is Always the Answer

If you’ve ever been asked to cater for an event anywhere at any time, you will know just how nerve-wracking and tiring organising a suitable menu for guests can be. People can be so fussy, and they tend to remember when the catering wasn’t up to scratch or didn’t meet their expectations. It is almost impossible to satisfy everybody’s dietary requirements, tastes or sensibilities.

Catering problems don’t start and end with meeting dietary requirements. You have to consider issues like cleaning up afterwards, dishes and setting the right tone for the evening. It can be a nightmare!

Fortunately, there is an easy answer to almost any catering event – pizza.

Pizza is always the answer. It doesn’t matter if you have to organise a kid’s birthday party, sports function, movie night, fundraiser or work get together, pizzas are always a safe bet.

Think about it. Who can’t resist a pizza? The combination of freshly made crust, tomato and cheese topped with almost anything you choose is a mouth-watering prospect for everyone from the hungriest meat-eater through to the most socially responsible vegan (no cheese of course).

Ordering pizza can satisfy all tastes.

If you want to go up the market, there’s a wide range of the gourmet pizzas to select from. On the other hand, if you’re catering for a local football club, you can bet your bottom dollar that the meat lovers and Hawaiian pizzas will go down a treat. And if you’re worried about catering for vegans, you can always rely upon the pizza store to have some vegan pizza options for you to choose from.

Ordering pizza makes cleaning up afterwards a breeze. It is simply a matter of collecting up the cardboard boxes and any leftover pizza afterwards and putting everything in the bin. Sure, you may have to wipe over some tables and run a broom over the place, but it’s much better than having to cope with a mountain of dishes, a dirty barbecue and asking for help with the clean-up. Everyone can go home early without having to spend hours cleaning up.


Pizzas, of course, are a natural fit for sporting club functions or any age birthday. They also can make quite an impression for those upmarket events that need to strike the right tone. Gourmet pizzas can really hit the mark here. Even the stuffiest palette is sure to be intrigued by the prospect of consuming chicken avocado, spicy lamb, super vegetable, or pumpkin patch pizza. You’ll be surprised and delighted by the reaction you get to these exciting and entertaining menu options.

The great thing is you don’t even have to organise a place to eat. You can actually arrange to have your function at the pizza restaurant if that’s what you want. Pizza really does cater for all options and all circumstances.

Next time you have to organise a function try the pizza option. It’s sure to please everybody no matter what the occasion or who you’re catering for. 

Pizza is always the answer.

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