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Why Pizza Is An Excellent Meal For Game Night

It is widely accepted, all over the world, that sports bring people together. Watching sports together is an excellent community moment. It creates an avenue for friends and family to bond over a common interest.
Watching sports also breaks the ice and helps people get to know each other better. Yet, no community gathering is complete without a meal. The best meal you can serve is one loved by all pizza!

Why Pizza Is An Excellent Meal For Game Night

Here are some reasons why pizza is your best choice for a meal on game night.

1. No Prep Necessary

Hosting a pizza party in Melbourne is as easy as calling your local Bubba pizza shop. You can present a list of as many pizzas as you want and we will deliver them to you fresh and hot. If you let us take care of the quality and delivery of your pizza, you can focus on the other aspects of hosting a game night. This freedom will allow you to throw an epic party that everyone will be talking about for a long time.

2. No Formalities Necessary

Game night is an informal gathering where everyone wants to be free and unrestrained. Serving pizza goes perfectly with this theme. With pizza, you don’t need to sit at a table with dishes and cutlery. Pizza’s versatility allows people to eat while standing, walking, talking or jumping up and down celebrating a goal. Pizza creates a mood allowing your guests to feel free and at ease.

3. Easy to Serve

When you order pizza, it can be served straight from the box. You only need to distribute the boxes and your guests will serve themselves. You may need to supply a few side plates for the more conservative guests. However, the vast majority eat pizza with their hands and a napkin.

4. Easy Clean-Up

A well-made pizza holds itself together. It will not crumble or drip and leave a mess. Also, since you can serve the pizza in its delivery box, cleaning up is considerably easy. You can let your guests eat on your couch, carpet or any other part of your living area without worrying about the mess.
When the party is done, you can use some of the boxes to pack leftovers for the interested guests. The rest of your boxes can be recycled or disposed of easily. At the end of your party, you will have very few dishes to wash and minimal cleaning up activities.

5. Flavour Versatility

Pizza gives you the flexibility to serve a variety of flavours to suit everyone’s taste. If your guests have any preferences, we can label the pizza boxes before delivery. This is essential when hosting guests with varying dietary requirements and religious backgrounds. This arrangement gives you one less issue to worry about.
Also, if some of your guests are not pizza lovers, you can order something from our range of salads and side dishes. Bubba Pizza offers tasty salad options, pasta, wedges, fries, waffle fries, onion rings and more.

Serving pizza on the game night has several other advantages. Your guests will be able to enjoy their meal while keeping their eyes glued on the screen. Pizza can keep your party expenses low because it is a filling well-balanced dish that can serve several people at a go. Also, if you are sharing the costs with someone, it easy to keep and report accounts for the pizzas you ordered.