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Do Pineapples Deserve to be on Pizza?

Pineapples have a sweet scent, almost sickly sweet if you let them ripen too long. But that’s exactly what fans love about it – that syrupy texture and bright yellow shade. The flavour is intensified on pizza because, the heat from the oven enhances the sweetness of the tropical topping. But not everyone agrees that pineapples belong on pizza.For some patrons, the mix of sweet and salty confuses their senses.

Pineapples are most commonly used on Hawaiian pizza, paired with ham or bacon. The natural fructose nicely balances out the super-saltiness of those highly favoured pork products. Pineapple also offers a dash of fibre, which is helpful when you’re eating potentially greasy cuts of meat.

Pizza with pineapple sates a common eating challenge. For a lot of us, when we eat something sweet, our body responds by craving something salty to even out the palate. Ham/bacon and pineapple counteract each other, leaving your taste buds sufficiently attended to. Another beneficial property is colour. The rich golden pineapple hue is quite tasty.

Freshness guaranteed

When scattered around bits of rich pink bacon, crimson condiments, or even the occasional green leafy sprig, fresh pineapple appeals to your eyes, nose, and tongue. Its distinct scent blends in with those meaty flavours to set your tummy rumbling in anticipation. Plus, with pineapple pieces generously spread on your pizza, you don’t have to shell out for dessert.

Some pizza shop staff may re-use the previous day’s toppings, or handle today’s soups and sauces with less than ideal levels of hygiene. It’s a risk you face with any food court, but it happens more often in fast food joints. This is where juicy ingredients like pineapples can be helpful. The fruit easily browns and bruises, so you can tell when it’s not fresh. In that sense, pineapples become a sneaky indicator of how recently the pizza was baked.

The heritage of pineapple pizza was first served in Toronto, way back in 1962. The inventor of pineapple pizza was Sam Panopoulous. He added it on his Canadian restaurant menu because of their national reputation – Canadians are thought to be extremely polite, so it’s unlikely they’d refuse to eat the pizza, or say anything untoward about it.
Plus, with their traditional adoration for maple syrup, the Canadian palate is primed for sweetness. Interestingly, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sanctioned pineapple pizza on his Twitter account, so if you’re going to follow any train, that’s a good one to pick.

Besides, here at Bubba Pizza, we don’t stop at pineapple. We’ve combined it with:

• Avocado (Chicken Avocado Pizza)
• Bacon (Chicken Troppo Pizza)
• Egg + spiced beef (Outback Pizza)
• Mushroom + capsicum + olives (Supreme Pizza)

We even have a vegetarian pizza topped with olives, onions, pineapples, mushroom, and capsicum on a tomato base. It differs from the Supreme Pizza, which adds ham and hot salami to the mix. So with five different pineapple pizzas to choose from, we’re sure to convince you.

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