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Plan the Perfect Cricket World Cup Pizza Party with Bubba Pizza

What’s more fun than a pizza night with friends? How about indulging in gourmet pizza with your friends while watching your favourite sport? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Right now, we’re in the middle of the ICC Cricket World Cup, which is the perfect excuse to gather your mates for a pizza party. Prepare to dig into this crowd-pleasing food all night long with your pals while watching the best cricket players in the world.

Get your piping hot pizza from the best – that’s Bubba Pizza – a family-owned business born and bred in Melbourne since 2000. Their pizza is so good, you’ll find any excuse to eat it.

Australians ate more than 4 million pizzas in 2017, according to statistics from Menulog, a popular food delivery service. And what variety do Australians favour most? Drum roll please… it’s the classic Margherita, with just cheese and tomato.

You have endless choices when it comes to ordering pizza, but Bubba Pizza is always a winner. Choose from their range of pizza options, including delicious regular, mouthwatering gourmet, or tasty vegan.

You can also order a range of sides with your pizza. Choose from salads, home-style pasta, schnitzel and chips, and more. But make sure that you leave room for dessert because they’ve got that covered too.

Bubba Pizza accommodates different dietary restrictions as well, including vegetarian and vegan diets. There are two vegan pizzas on the menu, including the ‘Clean Heater’ with a tomato base, vegan cheese, onions, capsicum, house mushroom mix, spring onion, garlic and chilli sauce.

The other vegan option is the ‘Mushroom Lovers’ pizza, which is made for people mad about mushrooms, just as the name implies. Built on a tomato base, it has vegan cheese, house mushroom mix, spring onion and garlic – and tastes delectable.


Here are a few suggestions on how to organise your ICC Cricket World Cup pizza night.

Decide how many friends to invite

It is good to know how many people you’re having over to plan how many pizzas, sides and desserts you should order.

Choose your location

Is your living room big enough to fit everyone? If not, it’s time to deck out your garage and make it super comfy for all of your guests.

Get everyone to list their favourite pizza topping

Make sure you satisfy everyone’s taste. Get your friends to look over the menu options online at Bubba Pizza to pick their favourite.

Pick your drinks

When you place your pizza order, you can also order your soft drinks, so there’s no need for you to make any last-minute dashes to the local supermarket.

Get ready to settle in and enjoy as much Bubba Pizza as you can handle. And remember leftover pizza makes the best breakfast!