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Let Bubba Make It Better

Are you sick of the constant disappointment of lacklustre takeaway food? More importantly are sick of subpar pizza?

There are a lot of imposters out there pretending to make pizza, or maybe they are oblivious to the art and skill that is involved in the art of making pizza.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions. Let Bubba make it better. Let Bubba fill the hole in your heart and your stomach with their mouth-watering pizzas made with love and attention.

At Bubba Pizza, we take our work seriously and have been since our inception into the business in 2000. It all started with one man’s dream. A man called Roger Hopper. A man with a passion for pizza who was literally fed up with eating one average slice after the other.

After searching far and wide for a decent slice, Roger found that they were few and far between and wasn’t ready to accept the degradation of his favourite food. Especially not in his home of Melbourne! The so-called food hub of Australia. He decided to take it into his own hands to elevate and innovate one of the world’s most beloved foods and take it back from the imposters’ pizza chains that are all about profit and not about pleasing the palette.

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And thus Bubba’s Pizza was created. After years of tinkering and toiling, practising and perfecting, we are proud to bring you some of the best pizzas Melbourne has to offer. The long road traversed to get to the end result of perfect pizza was bumpy and winding. From finding the best locally sourced produce to finding people with the same passion for pizza to craft and cook it to perfection wasn’t easy. People that weren’t happy with the status quo of slops in a box that they called pizza.

The dream has been alive since 2000 and continually grows to various locations around Melbourne. The growth was imminent. When word of mouth got out about our pizzas everyone wanted a slice of the action, so we have had to more stores across Melbourne to sate the appetites of the pizza-loving types.

The thing is to get our perfect pizza you don’t really have to do a whole lot. Order online or on our app and let Bubba do the rest. Let Bubba make it better. Whatever your ailment is, Bubba will make it better. If the game is on and you need some munchies for the crew. Let Bubba make it better. If you’re feeling a little worse for wear after a big night out. Let Bubba make it better.

Pizza is what we do and whatever ails you, we make it better.