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Why Home Delivery is Such a Favoured Option in Australia

Us Aussies love a cheeky home delivery or two. Whether it’s a bunch of pizzas for the party or a chicken schnitzel that doesn’t require a trip to the pub, we do love our convenience! Sometimes, the idea of going out to pick up food is just too much.

Occasionally, we just want our home delivery! So, at what times do you find yourself reaching for the phone or opening up an app? If you’re like the rest of us this is probably due to one of these things…



The busy lifestyle


Between picking the kids up from netball, rushing to complete a report at work, choosing your partner a birthday present, organising drinks with friends, and trying to keep the garden looking green, it can be hard to find time to do much else! Busy people all over the country choose home delivery to take the stress out of getting dinner ready and give them more time for other things!



The party


Having people round? Everybody’s go to option for when you have guests over and you want to eat with minimal fuss is pizza! Everyone likes pizza, and there’s always options for vegetarians. With the party, you grab 6 pizzas, everyone eats, no one has to leave, and there’s no clean up! It sure beats slaving over a stove all afternoon or having to run out to the drive-thru and trying to remember everyone’s orders.



The lazy Sunday


Do you do lazy Sundays? You know those ones where you can’t be bothered even getting dressed or getting off the couch? Usually the result of “the party” or a large night, the lazy Sunday is typified by extreme laziness and marathon TV sessions, and possibly even some hair of the dog. Now, when you can’t drag yourself off the couch there is no way that you’ll be able to cook yourself anything or face the shops. That’s why it’s time to give the home delivery a call. You always answer the door a bit sheepish while still in your pyjamas at 5pm, but it’s definitely worth it.



The cold weather


When it’s cold outside there’s practically nothing you would hate more than to leave the comfort of your own home and your blanket and your heater. When the cupboard and fridge are both empty and you don’t want to leave to go to the shops to pick up something to cook, it’s a relief being able to call up for food delivery. You get to stay toasty and warm and still get fed, and you don’t even have to leave the house to do so!

Whether it’s Bubba Pizza Richmond, or your other local home delivery service, convenience is the key to making your dinner and evening a breeze.


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