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Why Australians will Always Love Pizza

Australians will always love pizza because Italian cuisine in general (not just pizza!) is inherently part of Australia’s history, culture and our community. For example, in the Victorian suburb of Warrndyte and surrounds Italians make up roughly 2% of the area. Today, Italians span the fourth largest ethnic group in Australia. There was a large influx of Italian migrants during the Gold Rush resulting in a heavy concentration of Italians residing in Victoria, which is true even today.


As Australia is comparatively a new country, it makes total sense that one of the major ethnic groups to migrate and contribute to the foundation of our overarching community would introduce and cultivate cuisine that all Australians would know and love.  It is true as well in other Western countries that have received large arrivals of Italian migrants like America and Canada, where pizza is also a widely popular and adored food.


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Many modern restaurants today use the term ‘Modern Australian’ cuisine, which invariably includes recipes like pizza, pasta, schnitzels, steak, seafood and vegetarian combinations.  All of these have been adapted to the modern Australian palette, but incorporate a strong Italian influence.


Food brings people together, and with the spike and demand of fast food pizza chains across Australia over the past 30 years, it is evident that pizza itself is close to the heart of most Australians.  Gourmet and wood fire pizza restaurants have also seen a surge in our community. We at Bubba Pizza, like to think of ourselves as somewhere in between fast and gourmet as we understand our community. We know you want great flavour as well as ease of access, and fresh pizza.


As Australians we will always love pizza because it is close to our heritage, it is easy to prepare, it is always enjoyable and we are able to support and service our community in the process of creating and supplying it.  Keep in mind local Warrndyte’s we service all surrounds as well, so feel free to drop by in person or order online from our pizza shop.  Please also join the discussion, do you think Australians will always love pizza? We’d love to hear what you think!