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Reasons We Will Return Again and Again to Our Favourite Pizza Place

Why is it that with pizza we’re afraid to go to different places? Once we find a good one we want to call them up again and again and place our favourite order! Here’s why people return time and again to their favourite pizza joints, even if they’re halfway across town.

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The pizzas are consistent

There’s nothing worse than delicious pizza one time and then ordering it again and it’s a let down! With your favourite pizza joint you know just what you’re going to get each and every time. There is a lot to be said for food that you can rely on!

The ingredients are good quality

Many pizza places make their money by using inferior quality ingredients when they make their pizzas. You can tell because there isn’t much taste in the ingredients! A good pizza place will use quality ingredients and you can really taste the difference, making repeat visits an absolute must.

The dough is just right

There’s something to be said about getting a pizza dough just right. There’s the perfect point when a dough isn’t too thick and isn’t too thin, isn’t too crispy and isn’t too chewy. When you have a pizza with the perfect dough it almost doesn’t matter what toppings you’ve chosen – it would be good with anything on it.

Delivery is never late

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a rushed day at a pizza shop you will know that delivery times are very important. Chances are you won’t go back to the place where you waited almost two hours for delivery.

It tastes just as good the day after

One of the best things about eating pizza is getting to eat leftover pizza, sometimes even for breakfast. Whether you’re the type to heat it up in the microwave, the oven, a frying pan, or just eat it cold, you want your leftovers to taste delicious too.

Your pizzas are always delivered hot

Luke warm pizza being delivered to your house after you’ve been dreaming of it all day is such a let down. When your pizza always arrives piping hot you know that you’re onto a winner.

They know you now

Does your local pizza joint know your name now? The delivery driver always smile and ask how things are this week? The person on the end of the phone say “and plus extra anchovies?” before you can even get the words out? Getting to know the staff at your local pizza place can make you feel like you’re an extension of the family.

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