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Saving Up for Xmas Expenses? Have This Weeks Date Night at Home!

It’s that time of year again! Sleigh bells a ringing, temperatures soaring, Chrissy decorations in full swing, and Mariah Carey being played everywhere from your local shopping center to the Bunnings down the road. While that’s all fine and dandy, the thing about this time of year is that it’s not only cheery, but can be super stressful, too.

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The Christmas crunch

When Christmas time rolls around you know that it’s also time to stump up the cash time, too. Time for present buying, holidays, tickets to Christmas parties, catch ups for lunches and dinner out, and let’s not forget the food to feed everyone on Xmas day.

What this often means is that we’ve got to go without other things. That’s putting off things like repairing the back fence, picking up the cheapie bottle of wine instead of the good stuff at the bottle shop, delaying the regular car service, and forgoing date night.

But… Did you ever stop to think that you can do date night at home instead? While we all want to go out to a wonderful restaurant, have some nice drinks and a meal, and forget our worries, there’s nothing stopping you from having an amazing (and romantic) date night at home.

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Date night at home

Date night at home needs to be taken just a little bit seriously for it to work. That means that you and your partner need to make a commitment to it being the real deal while you’re at home. So, that is turning off your phones, getting a babysitter (preferably mum, because she’s free!), making sure that you don’t have any chores or worries that need attending to, and setting yourself up for a wonderful night just the two of you.

That means getting yourself some nice drinks, if that’s your thing, choosing the movie selections on Netflix, and sorting out the Pizza Box Hill orders before your night comes around. You need to be fully set up so you can enjoy your night and each other’s company without having to make any decisions.

Once the both of you get home from work you should be in relaxation mode. Remember, it’s about the two of you spending quality time together, away from the stresses of life. It’s time for foot rubs, talks about the bright future, and positivity.

Get your date night started right by checking out our menu at Bubba Pizza. We won’t break the bank, which means that you can have date night at home and still save money for Christmas. If you’re feeling a little bit fancy, check out our gourmet menu, or for delicious pizza leftovers the day after your date, why not grab one of our deals?