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Even with The Growth of Gourmet Pizzas We Still Love Our Traditional Toppings

Can you name one person that doesn’t like pizza? Go ahead – try it – just a one? You see, even though we’ve all got different tastes in pizzas, whether that be a tomato or BBQ base, those delicious (or disgusting?) little fishes called anchovies, double cheese or without cheese for the vegans, pineapple or “pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza”, and even gluten free bases for those of us who aren’t built for gluten, everybody loves their pizza.

The amazing thing about pizza is that there is one out there for absolutely everyone. Those crazy Chicagoans even have the deep dish pizza which is practically a pie!

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The gourmet pizza explosion

For the past 10 or so years, we have seen an explosion in Australia in gourmet pizzas. Now, we’re not talking the thin crust, sparse topping original Italian style pizzas that you’ll see getting about on Lygon Street. We’re talking exotic flavour combinations with delicious, and sometimes odd ingredients, all from little gourmet pizza shops, or your old favourites down the road.

Do you know what this means, people?! It means that we’re becoming experimental in our eating habits. We’re branching out from our regular joe pepperoni pizza, and trying things like Tandoori Chicken, Jambalaya, and Garlic Prawn. We’re expanding our pizza repertoire and giving new things a shot! And what a delicious shot they are. We love that pizzas have come so far in the past few years that we can now taste an entirely different cultural experience, actually all on a pizza.

This stuff is mind blowing, there’s no two ways about it. We’re willing to bet that when the first pizza makers came to this great country, if you’d have mentioned that one day we’d have an Indian flavoured pizza on the menu, they’d look at you like you were bonkers.

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Vs. traditional toppings

But you know what? Even though we love our gourmet pizzas, there’s something so comforting and delicious about traditional toppings. It’s like that old friend that you catch up with and you slide back into easy conversation with. They make you feel good, warm, and happy. That’s exactly how we feel about traditional pizza toppings.

The good old Supreme, the good old Meatlovers, the good old Tropical. They are like old buddies that will never let you down! One bite and you’ll be transported back to many occasions over the years, like pizza parties with the gang, or mum and dad taking you out for a pizza at the local shop. It’s those familiar smells, familiar toppings, familiar melt in your mouth flavours that just make you feel at home. And that’s why we love them.

Gourmet or traditional? It’s your choice at Pizza Richmond with Bubba Pizza.