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The 5 Best Pizza Toppings of all time

What makes a great pizza you ask? You might have your opinions (and preferences!) but since the very beginning there are certain ingredients that have really shaped the creation of pizza. Can you guess what these ingredients might be? Some like cheese, basil, tomatoes, onion and garlic were at the forefront and paved the way for pizza to come to life!

The below pizza toppings are still very popular and used in various combinations nowadays on most pizza menus. There are slight differences depending where you go around the world, but they all hark back to their true Italian origin.  Are you ready for this? Here at Bubba Pizza, we believe these are the 5 best pizza toppings of all time! Hmmm pizza.


Mozzarella Cheese

Traditionally made of Italian buffalo milk, fresh mozzarella is usually white in colour, and has a semi-soft texture. We love it because it is so compatible with many other toppings and gives that authentic yet mild cheesy flavour.  We love how it pulls away from your face when you eat a slice. To us, that makes a great pizza!  From our Richmond menu you will find this topping on our Margherita and Falafel pizzas.



One of the go-to herbs, oregano has a warm, slightly balsamic and aromatic flavour, which is the type of flavour used most in Mediterranean cuisine. It’s name actually means “mountain joy”, It is often added in at the end of the cooking process and/or in the pizza sauces itself. Oregano helps bring out other Mediterranean flavours especially that of tomatoes  – a main stay of pizza taste.


Tomato Base & Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the backbone of the majority of our dishes at Bubba Pizza. Tomatoes are rich in flavour, very soft flesh which is easily manipulated into sauces for pasta or pizza bases. It marries so well with other flavours and seasonings like garlic, onion and olive oil, which are also at the centre of Italian cuisine.  Many pizzas on our Richmond menu feature tomato base pizzas, and from our traditional menu we recommend our Capricciosa, Italian and Vegetarian pizzas if you are after a more original style pizza.


Pepperoni or Salami

Originating from America, this type of salami has been popularised in modern Italian cuisine because of it’s soft, slightly smoky, yet spicy flavour and texture. This salami was created to imitate the salamis from southern Italy, usually including a combination of pork and beef.  Salami is one of our favourite ingredients because it never loses its punch when cooked and gives that little bit extra flavour to the meal, which so many people love. From our Richmond menu, you can find salami on our Italian, Mexican, Meatlovers, Bubba Special and of course our Pepperoni pizzas.



Technically a fungus, not a vegetable, Mushrooms are a popular ingredient around the world because of their adaptability in cooking, as they absorb other flavours so well and they have a succulent meaty texture.  In Italian cuisine they became popular due to local varieties like Porcini and Portobello mushrooms being cultivated and introduced into dishes. Mushrooms are close to our heart at Bubba Pizza, because they are nutritious and very versatile for many of our pizzas. From our Pizza Shop Richmond menu, you can find mushrooms on our Capricciosa, Italian, Vegetarian, Supreme, Bubba Special and our BBQ Chicken pizzas! We did say we mushrooms are close to our heart.


There you have it – we believe Mozzarella, Basil, Tomatoes, Salami and Mushrooms are the truly the 5 best toppings of all time. Please leave your thoughts below on what you think are the most popular toppings!