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Why We Love Pizza On Monday Nights

While there’s no denying that some delicious Friday night end of the week pizza is a real winner and a great way to kick up your heels, and a Saturday trio is just perfect for getting the party started, you know what else is great? Monday night pizza!

While some people might be thinking, “Oh, Monday, that’s when I try and kick start my diet for the billionth time”, I’m more like, “I need to treat myself for getting through another Monday”!

Being back at work and then working all day until late is no joke! By the time I get home on Monday I am 1) grumpy, 2) tired and 3) longing for the weekend again. Now let me tell you, this is no time to cook! It is time for me to chill out, grab a beer, and wait for my favourite pizza to get to my door piping hot.

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Now I know that I’m not alone in my Mondayitis. While my mum might call me outrageous and to (her words), “Get over it!”, I think that I’m allowed to indulge in my whining – and make myself feel better. See, for me, it takes me until solid Tuesday afternoon, and sometimes even half way through Wednesday before I start to get into the swing of the working week thing.

Maybe it’s leftover nostalgia from the weekend, but I just can’t seem to get firing on all cylinders straight off the bat. So, what do I do? I make sure to help in making myself to feel better.

Now, everyone makes themselves feel better in different ways. For some, it’s a glass of wine in the evenings, for some it’s going for a massage or having a long bath, for others it’s going for a run for an hour. But for me, what really helps me to unwind? It’s pizza!

Why We Love Pizza on Monday Nights

Now, I know I can’t eat pizza every night, like some people go running every night to unwind, but I feel like on a Monday I particularly deserve it! It’s a great way to unwind. Grab a box, sit back on the couch, and watch my favourite show on Netflix.

The other good thing about the Monday night pizza thing is that no one ever plans social occasions on a Monday night (if you do, you might just be a monster…) so I can look forward to it at the end of my day.

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