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Our Fav Vegetarian Pizzas That You Have To Try

Shout out to all the veggos out there! We really admire vegetarians for their commitment to helping do their bit for the planet by not eating meat – we commend you! Lucky for veggos, when it comes to takeaways, you can always rely on being able to decide on pizza for dinner in a group – even if there’s plenty of meat eaters about.

We reckon that vegetarian pizzas can be even more delicious than some of our meat pizzas – you really need to make the ingredients the star of veggie pizzas instead of the overwhelming taste of meat.

Even if you’re a vegan you can enjoy pizza – just ditch the cheese, or add your own vegan pizza cheese at home.

So, what are our fave veg pizzas on our list here at Bubba Pizza Richmond? Check out these shining stars if you haven’t already and get to ordering…

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Pumpkin Patch
Love pumpkin? Us too! We really like that the pumpkin pizza has slowly crept up in popularity over the years because it is just so delicious. That sweet, rich flavour just pairs perfectly with feta cheese and spinach. This pizza doesn’t just stop there though. It’s also packed full of other goodness including roast capsicum, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onions, and everyone’s favourite, CASHEWS. Topped off with gooey mozzarella, this pizza is a dream and a half.

Want to go all out on the veggies front? Then our Superveg pizza is the one for you. This one is packed – and we mean packed – full of all the best veggies. WE’re talking grilled eggplant and zucchini, Kalamata olives, roast capsicum, Spanish onion baby spinach with feta cheese and pesto mayonnaise. It’s so tasty that you might just be lost for words with this one…

Our Fav Vegetarian Pizzas That You Have To Try

Pesto Chicken (– Chicken + Eggplant)
Don’t forget that you can always alter our original pizzas to make them your very own vegetarian creation! Pesto lovers should check out the Pesto Chicken pizza in our range – all you have to do is swap out the chicken for (our personal favourite) eggplant. This means that you’ve got an eggplant, Spanish onion, baby spinach, sundried tomatoes and pesto mayo pizza – yum!

If you’re after any of these pizzas, more of our vegetarian pizza, want to make your own, or simply want a quadruple cheese pizza, then get to ordering either online here or by giving us a call. We’ve got plenty for the meat lovers too if you’re having friends around and they need a bit of a meat fix. Bubba Pizza will be at your door within minutes or you can come in store to pick up on your way home – they’re all delish and fresh.