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Why Quality Ingredients are so Important on a Pizza

Pizza has been a favorite dish of the world, not just Australia, for centuries. Our modern day pizza traces its origins back to Naples, Italy in the 18th to early 19th century.

However, before that time, people were topping their flatbread with ingredients like garlic, salt, lard, cheese and basil. So, rather than being “invented” at a specific time, pizza evolved into the delicious meal it is today. I guess you could say other works of art like the Mona Lisa weren’t created in one day either.

Even though a lot goes into making a truly delicious pizza, one thing is for certain, the most important tip to making a fantastic gourmet pizza that is truly over the top is the ingredients you put on top.

When making a pizza, like the ones made at Bubba Pizza in Aldgate, if you use the freshest ingredients you can find, your pizza will always taste far better because of it.

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There is no discounting just how important fresh ingredients are to a pizza. A good comparison is, how important fuel is to your vehicle. Yup, that important!

An quick, easy and healthy meal for your family

The holiday season is one of the busiest, most hectic times of the whole year. Not only do you still have your every day responsibilities, now you need to add traditional holiday activities, decorating and planning for company and, of course don’t forget shopping.

As always you want your family to eat healthy, even when it’s so easy to just grab something and go. This adds another level of crazy to your day. Or does it?

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At Bubba Pizza you can always count on us to make your pizza with only the freshest ingredients available to us. Pizza has always been thought of as “fast food” and it is … sorta.

At Bubba’s, pizza is actually good, healthy food fast. This lets you grab a pizza, already made, for your family on your way home or have it delivered. Either way, you’ll be confident you’re giving your family a healthy meal with wholesome ingredients even during this busy time of the year.

We know how hectic the holidays can be and how important it is to feed your family a healthy meal. In June of 2000, founder Roger Hopper opened his first Bubba Pizza because he also struggled with the need to feed his family a healthy meal even while going in several different directions at once.

That’s why all Bubba Pizzas include only the freshest, best ingredients purchased from local suppliers like butchers, and farm fresh vegetables. We know how important it is to also deal with our local merchants, not only for freshness, but also because we are all in this together.

So the next time you’re busy day isn’t going to end anytime soon, but you want your family to still eat a healthy and nutritious meal spent around the family dinner table, make sure you call your neighborhood Bubba Pizza and let us feed your family tonight.