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Why pineapple on pizza is so divisive

It’s a question that has sparked debate when ordering pizza for years – to pineapple or not to pineapple?

Does the humble Hawaiian fruit belong on a beloved Italian dish? Or should those golden rings just stick to tropical cocktails and fruit salads? While some people claim the sweetness and natural acidity matches perfectly with savoury, others disagree and think pineapple has no place on a doughy pizza.

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Who was the first person to decide to sprinkle sweet pineapple on a savoury dish? Was it an accident or a genius discovery? They’re questions that we may never have an answer to. The first record of pineapple being sprinkled over pizza is up for debate, some claim it first arrived on the scene in Greece, while others say it was first spotted in a Canada pizza store.

Why pineapple on pizza is so divisive

Enough of us Aussies like it so much that as of today, close to 15% of all pizzas sold in Australia, are sold with pineapple. There are also just as many pizza connoisseurs that think the humble fruit has no place on mozzarella cheese.

The debate has become so fierce, that the president of Iceland recently stated that he was “fiercely opposed” to pineapple on pizza and was considering banning it.

So when did world leaders start weighing in on pizza toppings?

Does something as simple as a little yellow piece of sweetness on our pizza really have to be such a love it or leave it decision? Can’t pineapple lovers and non-pineapple lovers just get along?

If you dream of a world without differences or without boarders then try the Tropical from Bubba Pizza, where pineapple takes centre stage. You can order the Chicken Troppo and traditionalists can dip their toe into the juicy pineapple trend with the Supreme, all sprinkled with the delicious pineapple.

For the lifelong pineapple lovers looking to try something new, the Chicken Avocado or the Outback is a twist on old favourites.

And for those who haven’t quite decided to take the plunge or not, half and half is always an option from the understanding team at Bubba Pizza.