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Gourmet pizza trends in Australia

Everyone has a favourite pizza, meatlovers, margarita, even the Aussie classic ham and pineapple.

Sometimes though, we crave a flavour that’s a little more exotic. Marinated tiger prawns mixed with roast capsicum and feta cheese. Spicy Lamb and baby spinach, with a final touch of Greek yogurt and lemon. We all have a favourite local pizza shop too, one that we know cooks our favourites to perfection. Local Pizza Shops that evolve with our tastes when we feel like something a little more special such as  Bubba Pizza Aldgate, Bubba Pizza Berwick give us that extra special pizza hit. It’s delicious pizza and convenient.

One of the reasons we crave such complex flavours is because living in Australia we spoilt for choice. We have a gourmet world at our doorstep, we have access to some of the most unique and freshest ingredients in the world. We love to experience all the different flavours and recipes that our overseas neighbours have to offer.

Australians love to experience new flavours and combinations. Mixing quality ingredients with new and exciting ways to enjoy them. With international sections at our local supermarkets growing, organic markets becoming more popular and cooking shows dominating our screens, we can all be our own master chefs.

If we don’t want to be the chefs, then we definitely want to be trying all those mouthwatering creations. Dining out can be a hard choice when Australia has so many restaurants to choose from.

We use food to experience new tastes and develop our ever-evolving palates. The Falafel pizza from Bubba Pizza is based around the vegetarian staple of Egypt. Falafels mixed with a twist of feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicum, cherry tomatoes and hummus. It’s the perfect way to dip your toe into one of the world’s most popular foods.

Something that we can all relate to is memories. There is a reason that comfort food makes us feel all safe and warm. Mums lovingly served chicken soup when you were feeling unwell and every birthday you blew the candles out on a rich chocolate mud cake.

Science has proven that the taste, scent and texture of food can trigger memories of when we enjoyed those foods. So that seafood pizza can remind us of the getaway where you spent days relaxing by the beach, lapping up the sunshine and enjoying local seafood. That superveg pizza brings back memories of last New Year’s Eve, enjoying antipasto with a glass of champagne in your hand as you counted down to a new year.

We no longer have to spend our precious time shopping for the ingredients, prepping and marinating to satisfy that craving that just won’t go away. Pop down to your local pizza shop in Berwick, or grab a local pizza in Mt Barker. Bubba Pizza has so many locations, it’s easy to indulge when that itch for something different just has to be scratched.