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Bubba is Now in Blackburn South!

Bubba is in town and we are here to help! Blackburn South, your cries for great pizza have been heard and Bubba has finally come to town to rescue you of the inferior pizza that you have had to accept for all these years. We would have come a lot sooner, but you know what it’s like. Logistical and financial issues slow the whole process down – but we have finally got there and we are here to stay!

The hardest thing to do when opening a new Bubba’s Pizza is finding the right craftspeople that can create the pizzas that we have put years of research, development, and creation into. This was no easy feat and required much time in the kitchen tinkering and toiling to come up with a menu that we can truly say we are proud of. And every pizza on the menu is created from the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection to finely tuned specifications that have taken us years to master.

There is a reason that Bubba’s Pizza is still in business and operating all over Melbourne is that we make the best pizza. We heard the call and we delivered and we will continue to keep delivering the finest pizza in Melbourne to as many locations as we can.

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Blackburn South we are finally here. No longer do you have to settle for second-rate slices. Bubba Pizza’s menu has something for everyone. We have a pizza that will cater to everyone from that the red-hot spicy lover, to carnivore, all the way to our vegetarian friends.

Every pizza is made completely from scratch and that includes the dough. Each ingredient is sourced from the finest local suppliers. At Bubba’s Pizza we are big supporters of the community and by sourcing our produce we get to know them on a friendly basis and they often extend recommendations of other local suppliers to us. It’s a big community with a commitment to bring the best food to your table.

Bubba’s Pizza isn’t just about amazing pizza, it’s about community, it’s about bringing people together to break bread, enjoy a slice and catch up over old times.

Our online ordering system is as easy as it comes and your grandma can order piping hot pizza to her doorstep in a matter of minutes. We have also recently developed an app to make things even easier so you can enjoy some of the finest pizza in Melbourne. And Blackburn South your time is now.

We can cater to masses. At Bubba’s Pizza, we provide a catering service to any size party great or small.

So Blackburn South, it’s time to get the gang together, put the game on and one of our Bubba’s Pizza professionals will deliver some of the best pizza Melbourne has to offer. Why not try the pizza that put Bubba’s on the map in the first place? The Bubba Special. We look forward to seeing your smiling face as you bite into one of our pizza slices of delight.