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Why Bubba Pizza is Melbourne’s favourite pizza

When you want Pizza in Croydon, you can’t go past Bubba Pizza. From small beginnings in June 2000, founder and director Roger Hopper opened the first – of what would become many – pizza stores. His goal was to deliver a pizza that was different to other Pizza chains in Melbourne, a pizza that had quality, but was priced to be competitive with the competition. Customers deserve to get a pizza that is well made, is made fresh, and is loaded with quality ingredients. Bubba Pizza stores make their dough fresh, in store, every day and that’s a quality base you can taste, it’s one of the reasons Bubba Pizza has become Melbourne’s favourite!

Bubba Pizza is a family owned pizza franchise, that has grown from humble beginnings to be the best. The family is extremely proud of the pizzas they make, making pizza is in their blood, and when you love what you do, and you take care to produce the best, customers will see it too.

The team at Bubba Pizza are very community minded, purchasing all ingredients from local suppliers including butchers and fruit and vegetable outlets. Staying connected to the community and staying grounded is what drives all Bubba Pizza franchises to achieve, to grow and to provide a quality product everyone in Melbourne loves.

Bubba Pizza franchises support local charity events, sporting clubs and school fundraising projects, they love their community and they love to help out.

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In 2004 seeing the need for a gourmet pizza range, Bubba Pizza began a new menu offering the best gourmet pizzas in the area – Pizzas such as Pesto Chicken, Spicy lamb, Satay Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and more took Melbourne by storm and are still popular today. In 2005 their first franchised store opened in South Australia and since then Bubba Pizza has grown from strength to strength. launching online in 2011 and in 2012 they developed their own app.

Bubba Pizza does more than great tasting, mouth-watering pizzas – from the gourmet range to standard pizzas including All American, Mexican, Vegetarian and the popular Aussie Pizza, through to a range of fully Vegan pizzas to Schnitzel and chips. These are not the schnitzel’s you get at your local club, Bubba Pizza serve schnitzels with a twist including Bolognese Parma, Hombre Schnitzel toped with a tomato base, hot salami, onion, capsicum, jalapenos, chilli sauce and mozzarella, and the BBQ Bacon Schnitzel – a BBQ sauce base topped with bacon strips, onion, mushrooms and mozzarella.

Bubba Pizza doesn’t stop there, their sides include Greek or garden salads home style pastas, chips, croquettes, wedges, garlic bread, chicken wings or waffle fries. Love your dessert, Bubba Pizza have that covered as well – Choc lava cake, gelati, Churros or salted caramel chocolate mousse.

Bubba Pizza isn’t just pizza, it’s a whole meal, it’s an experience and that’s why Melbourne loves us!