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Why Wine and Pizza Is A Match Made In Heaven

Romeo and Juliet. Coffee and the newspaper. Wine and pizza.

When we talk about perfect pairs, there’s a lot to love about wine and food. Even if you’re not a regular wine drinker, just a glass with the right meal is simply to die for. They even have five course meals paired with a glass of wine for every course!

So, just what it is about wine and pizza? And when we’re talking wine and pizza, it’s nearly almost red. The reason being is that wines can really contrast well with the flavours of a delicious pizza.

Did you know that there’s even an app that can pair wine with pizza?

If you’re a little bit clueless to working out which types of wines work with which types of pizzas, then Bubba Pizza here to help you out.

Cheese Pizza
If you’re a big fan of the delicious pizza that just highlights cheese, then you’re not alone. Forget toppings, cheese is where it’s at! If you’re after a red wine for your cheese pizza pairing, then choose a Zinfandel. More of a white wine lover? Then it’s time to break out the Chardonnay.

Tandoori Pizza
Those delicious Indian flavours really shine through in a tandoori pizza. Luckily, this means you have an excellent choice for red wine to go along with it. For this type of pizza you might like to try a Rose, or if you’re after a white then try pairing with a Riesling.

Pesto Pizza
Pesto is a powerful taste – and a delicious one at that! Try your pesto pizza with a drop of Prosecco for the perfect pair.

Mushroom Heavy Pizza
The earthiness of mushrooms makes for a great match with one of our favourites down under – the Pinot Noir. This can also be great with meaty pizzas too.

White Pizza
If you’re not one for the tomato base, then a white pizza might be your go to Friday night eat. And why not? They are super tasty, with their creamy bases! For a white pizza, try picking up a Pinot Noir if you’re a red lover, or Chardonnay if you’re a white wine person.

Whichever type of pizza you love, you’re sure to find the perfect drop to accompany it. Ask at bottle shops and wineries for more advice on pairing wines to your favourite type of pizza – they are the experts.
And we’re the experts on pizza! Bubba Pizza does traditional and gourmet pizzas in so many different varieties. If you’re after pizza Boronia, pizza Seaford, or pretty much anywhere else in Melbourne, then pick up a pizza and grab a bottle of wine for the perfect night in – either with a loved one, or for a solo indulgence.