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Why our customers keep coming back

How do you pick your favourite pizza joint? Do they deliver promptly or offer a massive menu for every taste? Do they make your pizza just the way you like it, or give you special deals and discounts? Bubba Pizza has established itself as pizza royalty, which is why our fans and satisfied customers keep coming back. Here are just some of their reasons.

We’re better than the average pizza

When we opened our first pizza shop in Melbourne, we wanted to offer gourmet pizza at regular prices, and our dream was to serve platters that were above the average Aussie options. 18 years later, we’re still at it and have expanded, with franchises all over Victoria. Our quality control system is top notch, and you’ll get the same experience whether you’re eating at our pizza shop in Warrandyte or ordering online from South Morang.

We have twenty branches and counting

The beauty of a pizza shop is we’ll deliver to you pretty much wherever you are, within reason. But the closer you are to us, the faster you get your pizza. So it helps that we currently have 20 branches, and we’re still expanding as we go. No matter where you are in Victoria, you’re probably ten minutes away from a Bubba Pizza branch, and even if you’re not, we can bring some to you pretty quickly.

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We have catering options

Most pizza places can only bring you something pre-baked that you selected from the menu, but Bubba Pizza can go the extra mile. We get that any pizza joint can deliver in bulk, but we can bring the pizza kitchen right to you, preparing your piping hot pizzas on site, at your venue, and at your convenience. Our catering service is open to offices, parties, events, functions, whatever you need. If you want to impress your clients or feed the hungry hoards in overtime, give us a call. We can deliver big volumes outside of office hours, and at corporate discounts, as long as you give us a day’s notice.

We’re easy to find

You don’t need to worry about where you are. When the craving strikes, you can come to our website and use our handy store locator to find a pizza shop in Tarneite or any other location near you. Better yet, you can order online and leave the logistics to us. We’ll figure out your closest branch and make your delivery. And it doesn’t matter where your Bubba Pizza comes from, because all our ingredients, toppings, and cooking methods are exactly the same, so you won’t taste the difference, whether it came from our kitchen in Richmond or our ovens in Mt Barker.

We’re flexible

Our menu has 14 gourmet pizzas and 17 traditional pizzas, including ‘national’ pizzas like All American, Italian, Aussie, and Mexican, as well as all-time favourites like Magherita and Pepperoni. We have options for vegetarians as well, and our pizza side dishes include schnitzel, salads, wings, garlic bread, cheese sticks, cheese squares, waffle fries, and onion rings. If you’re hankering for carbs, we also serve chips, pasta, mac ‘n cheese croquettes, and potato wedges.

For pizza and sides that will keep you coming back, order online now, or call your closest branch of Bubba Pizza today.