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Why is Cold Pizza So Good?

In a scientific question for the ages, we were recently posed this curly one – why is cold pizza so good? So we put our boffins to task to see if we could try and come up to this oft posed and super curly question.

1. Why is hot pizza so good?

To truly understand the cold pizza question, we decided that we first needed to check out the flip side of it – what makes hot pizza so good? Well, first of all, you have a delicious dough that has been cooked to perfection. What’s good about this? Hot bread rules over cold bread. Then you’ve got your toppings – cooked just enough to not be broken down. And of course, the most important thing, that melted, gooey cheese. That’s why hot pizza is so good.

2. What is cold pizza like?

Because hot pizza is so delicious, you could think that it might only work hot. Like, for instance a curry. Would you eat last night’s curry cold? Last’s night’s pho? No way. But pizza is different, isn’t it? So, we had a look to see what cold pizza is like and we think we nailed it. It’s like a sandwich. But with cooked cooled ingredients on it – like a grilled capsicum or sundried tomatoes feast. But it’s even better than a sandwich! It’s not so bready, and the ingredients can really shine through.

3. Is it because convenience is awesome?

Are we all just a bunch of lazy people? And is there anything wrong with that? If you’ve ever tried heating up last night’s pizza in the microwave, you will find yourself sorely disappointed by the results. And, to be fair, who can really bothered waiting for the oven to warm up to pop it in there? Plus, pizza that isn’t out of the box really just doesn’t feel like pizza, does it? There’s nothing better than grabbing the box out of the fridge and finding last night’s dinner ready, waiting, and smiling up at you, ready to be scoffed down for breakfast. God forbid if someone in the house has already beaten you to it – heads will roll!

So there you have it – the “science” behind why cold pizza is awesome. It’s a delicious almost sandwich, and a convenience that is just too good to refuse. It’s also about simply slipping a slice out of the box – the ritual of pizza eating, which you don’t get when you heat it up and plonk it on a plate.

Each pizza from Warrandyte Bubba Pizza tastes amazing both piping hot fresh out of the box, and for your breakfast the morning after – if you don’t get an attack of the midnight snacks that is!