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The Best Pizza Choices If You Are Watching Your Weight

It’s not always easy watching your weight! Your friends take you to the ice cream shop on your lunch break at work, and you’ve got to say no. Your family gets you round for their traditional Sunday dinner of roast, gravy, creamy mash, buttery dinner rolls, and trifle for dessert.

Or it comes the time when you’re sitting around, with either friends or family, and no one can be bothered cooking for dinner, so it’s time to order pizza.

Uh-oh! Alarm bells ring in your head. You love pizza but you know that it’s a fast food – which means that it’s automatically bad for you. So what can you do when it comes time to order for you?

Veggie pizza

The best choice for dieters when you’re browsing the menu is always the vegetarian choice. Meats always bump up the calories in any meal, so stick with a full vego pizza for the lightest option. It doesn’t have to be boring!

There’s a wide range of ingredients that you can choose from, too.

If you’re feeling like you really need to count the calories, you can always ask for a pizza without cheese, too.

Don’t eat too much

The most important thing about eating pizza when you are watching your weight is the same with all calorie laden foods – eat only in moderation. That means just one slice, and piling the rest of your plate with salad, or two slices if you are feeling a little indulgent.

While it might be tempting to eat half the pizza, or even a whole one, this is a recipe for diet disaster. Let your friends or family gobble up those extra calories instead. With just a slice of pizza and salad, then you can still have a delicious meal that’s also low calorie. You can indulge your love of pizza without feeling guilty!

Get the side salad

Choose to add a Greek salad or a garden salad to your order to go along with the pizza. While one slice of pizza is probably not going to fill you up alone, grabbing a salad to go with it is the good way to go. And while you probably can’t be whipping up one from the fridge, you can just order one from us. Skip the dressing to go for your healthiest option when it comes to the salad, too.

At Bubba Pizza, not only do we have a full range of gourmet pizzas that are a little bit naughty, we’ve also got a range of veggie pizzas like Pumpkin Patch, Superveg, and Vegetarian, that will tempt your tastebuds if you’re dieting. Don’t forget to add our Greek or garden salad for a complete pizza Box Hill meal.