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Football Season and Pizza Home Delivery Are a Match Made in Heaven

It’s gearing up towards footy finals time here in Melbourne which can only mean one thing – the city is about to go crazy! Not only are we the only state in Australia which gets a public holiday for the Grand Final parade (thank you, thank you, powers that be!). We are only the only state in which you can ask anyone from your Uber driver through to your local pub’s bartender who their favourite team is and they’ll be able to give you an enthusiastic answer. Did you know that in some other states in Australia they call rugby footy? Sacrilege!

But we digress… There are some things that go hand in hand in life and footy, and some other stand outs are ones of them. Footy and mates. Footy and VB (yes, we know that Carlton is the sponsor, but this is Victoria, mate!). Footy and pizza!!

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Picture the setting: it’s pouring buckets out, so you’ve gathered your mates around for the footy. Even though some of you are members, there’s no way that you’re headed to the MCG today. Maybe if they were playing over at Etihad and they had the roof closed you’d make your way over on the tram, but there’s no way at all you’re heading to the G in this weather.

So the guys and gals come round rugged up – with team scarves, of course – in time for a bit of pre game action to see what Eddie has to say about the match ups and the game itself. You’ve got the chips and dips and VB ready, some bubbles for those who might prefer it, but it’s way too wild and woolly to get the BBQ cranking outside. Even if you had an undercover area out there, you don’t think you’d be using it today.

Football Season and Pizza Home Delivery Are a Match Made in Heaven

Well, chips and dips and beer aren’t going to keep everyone satisfied for long – especially if you end up watching the next game on too. So what to do? Pizza of course! The great thing about making a pizza order is there’s always enough folks around to get a large selection. Veggos for the vegetarians, some meat lovers for the carnivores in the house, and there’s even a gluten free option these days for those with dietary concerns.

Munching away while they’re going down to the wire in third… Just make sure that you’re all finished with your slice before the end of the 4th – in case you need to spit it out to yell at the TV!

Why not grab your footy fantastic pizza at Pizza Croydon at Bubba Pizza? We can deliver direct to your area pregame, during, or post game – whenever the urge starts to strike.