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How To Organise A Successful Pizza Date Night In

There are few things that are more enticing than a cosy night in, eating yummy pizza with good company. The key to success is preparation, good taste and Bubba Pizza. What better way to enjoy your delicious meal for the night then to enjoy a good show with some good company.

Just follow this simple recipe for the perfect pizza date night in and you can’t go wrong.


A quiet rainy Saturday night
2 servings of your favourite pizza. Try one from the Classic range for traditionalists and take your pick from the Gourmet menu for a touch of something special (it is date night after all) and treat both of yourselves

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1 comfy blanket to keep the winter chill at bay and for snuggling
A serving of delicious sides, waffle fries or mac and cheese croquettes always go down well
Gelati of your choice to share

Add 1 to 2 seasons of your favourite show to binge watch while you’re devouring your pizza
Don’t forget the perfect companion and fellow pizza lover as well as those tasty beverages you ordered to wash it all down with

How To Organise A Successful Pizza Date Night In 1

Combine all ingredients with that special someone and serve with a side of the garden salad to keep it healthy.
Make sure you’re ready to dig in before the pizza arrives from your local Bubba Pizza store. Turn your lounge room into a cosy restaurant by setting the lounge room table with plates, cutlery for the salad and glassware for the drinks, so as soon as that doorbell rings, you can dig into that piping hot pizza. Don’t forget the serviettes because you know that pizza is best served with your hands.

Get comfy with pillows and a blanket, switch off that mobile phone, load up a season of your favourite cult TV show and get ready to hit play.

If the smell of your delicious pizzas isn’t enough to set the mood, try a lightly scented candle for that extra touch of romance.

Comfy clothes are a must, UGG boots are optional but highly recommended for the ultimate in loungewear.

If you want to score some extra points, load up the dishwasher in between episodes and bring 2 spoons to share that mouth watering Gelati you secretly ordered, leaving the last few spoonfuls for your partner.